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The benefits of Critical Thinking in a second language

Critical Thinking helps you consolidate, extend and move on whether you are a student, a parent or a teacher. Critical Thinking helps you innovate, work in a group or on your own and overcome the fear of making mistakes by integrating higher order questioning.

What problems does it solve?

Cognitively: you will be able to take higher risks when answering basic questions at work or in class.

Linguistically: you develop strategies to put your message across by using your current tools. Your level of English shouldn’t be a communication problem! 

Why is it important?

Cognitively: you will be able to connect theoretical situations with your real life by asking questions that aim at the origin of the problem. 

Linguistically: you will be able to find strategies to put your message across with your current level and answer using the correct word order.

How do I develop it?

Cognitively: you will be able to answer the big final question from a holistic point of view and put everything you have acquired into practice. 

Linguistically: you will be able to summarise, connect and communicate effectively through a great variety of texts from literature or everyday articles.

You are our objective

With our courses, you will be able to take control of your knowledge and become: 

- a student with better control of your study time and the tools at your disposal

- a teacher with greater linguistic resources

- a director with improved communication skills

You will be able to think clearly and critically thanks to the clear and efficient path marked out by our courses.

"Their courses have always been fun, interesting and creative. We go through a great variety of subjects and learn in a different and innovative way. We also have the opportunity to express ourselves and write about things we like. We share our stories with our colleagues and every time we end up laughing together."

Student "Fantasy Reading and Writing"

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