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Over 20 years of teaching English as a second language has shown us, time and again, that our students learn English more effectively with the use of texts and exercises prepared especially for them. 

This experience has allowed us to constantly improve our method "Natural Exposure" and create a unique product which is 100% efective. Students work in a holistic way, balancing out all the skills of the language in a natural context.

English as a foreign language isn't just a subject. It has become the mortar that joins all educational bricks together. Learning English is no longer a choice: it is a bilingual necessity on a global scale, starting at primary education level going right through to the workplace.

Our project covers all of the aspects necessary to help our students think in English almost without realising it, something of great satisfaction for all of us who dedicate ourselves to language learning.


After more than 20 years of teaching my linguistic passion in all its face-to-face versions, I am now fully dedicated to teaching English online. 

In 2011, I founded the bilingual academy Online Cognitive Learning with my husband. I am the director and creator of all our course contents.

I obtained a degree in English Philology from the University of Barcelona in 2009. I have a long trajectory teaching English (and Spanish) at all ages and levels, as well as preparing students to sit official Cambridge English exams.

Since we opened our business, I have run Summer Camps and a wide variety of Bilingual Workshops, as well as creating personalised courses for companies and public entities.

In the literary ambit, I have been dedicating some of my time to my passion for Gothic Literature and Fiction since 2018, where I comment in my personal blog "Alice in Gothic Land". I have also created the group "Gothicise Me", a bilingual environment where, with the members, I discuss all things Gothic in our lives.

I recently started taking part in the radio show "Estudio Oculto", where we talk about Gothic works and run literary contests.

Very soon I will be publishing my first collection of Short Stories.